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Traction control data for Meritor drive axles

ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Systems business group is providing a new, multimedia information kit. The kit has operation instructions for an optional Driver Controlled Differential Lock (DCDL) and the standard Inter-Axle Differential (IAD) lock for Meritor drive axles. Information is designed to inform heavy-duty truck operators and technicians of benefits and operating procedures of the devices, as well as provide information about an optional pump and filter system.

A DCDL provides maximum vehicle traction and control on unfavorable road or highway surfaces. An IAD is a driver-controlled, air-actuated traction device that allows for speed differences between the forward and rear tandem axles, while providing equal pulling power from each axle of the tandem.

The Drive Axles Traction Controls information may be ordered as a complete kit or by individual items. Access the online ordering system at, or phone 800-535-5560 with requests for:

  • Complete kit — SP03103

  • Driver instructions:

    • Audio cassette — SP03107

    • Compact disc — SP03104

  • Technician and driver instructions:

    • DVD — SP03105

    • VHS tape — SP03106

    • Operation and installation technical bulletin — TP9579

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