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TPU VAC Hose now comes with static wire

The Novaflex Group's TPU VAC Hose, designed for material handling of abrasive media under vacuum, is now available with static wire. This hose is a lightweight, flexible alternative to heavy-walled PVC and rubber hoses and offers superior abrasion resistance. Addition of embedded copper static wire lets the hose be grounded to eliminate static electricity build-up during material transfer applications.

TPU VAC SW Hose offers all-weather construction, resistance to ozone and UV, a polyurethane wall for abrasion resistance, and lightweight, smooth inner tube for maximum product flow. Other advantages of Thermo-Plastic Urethane include: outstanding low temperature performance, mechanical properties, high tear strength and elasticity, high transparency, as well as good oil, grease and chemical resistance. The external wear strip prevents damage to the hose from dragging.

The new hose comes in sizes from 3" to 8", with larger sizes provided upon request. Operating temperature ranges from -50° to 200° F; the hose is rated for full vacuum.

For complete information, contact Novaflex, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

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