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Tote Blaster offers fewer parts, lower cost

The Gamajet 9 Tote Blaster from Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc has fewer parts, is durable, and provides superior performance. It is specifically designed to clean all types of totes and can also be used to clean tank trucks.

This new tank cleaner is durable enough for rugged use in harsh environments. “Over long-term use, the reduced cost of the Gamajet 9 Tote Blaster and its durability will save the tank cleaning industry hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Bob Delaney, president of Gamajet.

The new unit weighs less than 8 pounds, is 10" long, and can fit through small port openings. It eliminates the problems and costs associated with spray balls, water blasting, boilouts, or manual hose and scraping techniques. The Tote Blaster is fluid-driven and provides thorough cleaning at low and medium pressures and fluid volumes.

Contact Gamajet, PO Box 626, Devault PA 19432 for further information.

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