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Tire System Takes Pressure Off Drivers

Matching tire pressure to terrain and load conditions for optimum traction can be done from the convenience of the cab with the Dana Spicer tire pressure control system (TPCS) available as a factory-installed option for Peterbilt's Model 357, Peterbilt Motors Co announced.

Using an in-dash console, operators can activate TPCS on the go to increase and decrease air pressure in the tires, adjusting traction to meet application and surface conditions. Operators can adjust tire pressure for loaded and unloaded applications — as well as for on-highway, off-highway and emergency surface conditions — for a total of six different settings.

When the vehicle returns to normal paved road speeds, TPCS automatically increases tire pressure to prevent excessive tire wear. For more information, contact Peterbilt, 1700 Woodbrook St, Denton TX 76205-7684.

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