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Tire sealant fills punctures on truck tires

The Multi Seal Corp is offering its Heavy Duty Tire Sealant formulation for use in trucks from 1/4-ton through Class 8 for over-the-road as well as off-road applications.

This formulation of multiple synthetic fibers and fillers seals punctures up to 1/2" while preventing damaging underinflation caused by bead leaks, valve leaks, and rubber porosity. The corrosion-inhibited and freeze-protected product is put into the tire through the valve stem without deflating the tire. It is guaranteed for the life of the tire. The largest impact felt on over-the-road vehicles is extended tire life due to operation temperature reduction caused by retention of proper inflation pressures.

For more details, contact Multi-Seal, 10395 Alta Vista Rd, Suite 118, Keller TX 76248.

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