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Timken crafts Wheel Boss for longer life

The Timken Co has developed the Wheel Boss 61650 wheel-end system for N trailer axles, a standard trailer axle with a capacity of 22,500 pounds. Each component of the wheel-end system supports longer life, fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs when teamed with Timken tapered roller bearings.

The Wheel Boss adjusting nut has a locking method that provides accurate bearing setting and superior retention on the spindle. Because the adjusting nut locks tight to the spindle, instead of a tang in the keyway, spindle thread life is improved. A wear-resistant surface maintains the precise preload setting during operation.

Another key component of this system is Timken's patented HDL grease seal, which recirculates grease within the bearing, keeping contamination out and lubrication in. The flanged outer seal case provides a visual confirmation that the seal is fully seated. An additional benefit of this grease seal is that it vents internal pressure and does not require a vented hub cap. Timken includes a non-vented Wheel Boss hubcap with this system that eliminates water and debris infiltrating the wheel end.

For more information, contact Timken, 1835 Dueber Ave SW, PO Box 6932, Canton OH 44706-0932.

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