In tight maneuvers, Primaax stays in control

Hendrickson's Primaax air suspension features large-volume air springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers. Primaax exhibits outstanding handling characteristics that can provide the driver with greater control during lane changes, highway ramp operation, and tight road maneuvers.

Ground clearance was increased to 10.75 inches in order to avoid hanging-up while maneuvering over rough terrain on demanding job sites. Primaax also offers up to 12 inches of diagonal articulation and eight inches of axle travel for improved traction, resulting in greater mobility on job sites.

The suspension geometry in Primaax results in greater stability. Heavy-duty forged support beams, outboard-mounted torque rods, and a highly engineered cross brace combine to deliver up to twice the amount of roll stiffness as comparable air-ride suspensions.

Primaax delivers maintenance savings features such as rubber bushings, which eliminate lubrication requirements. Hendrickson's Quik-Align system simplifies axle alignment without welding or drop-in shims. Torque rods have bonded rubber bushings for longer service life, and the outboard mounted longitudinal rods improve serviceability.

Available in single-, tandem-, and tridem axle with respective ratings of 23,000, 46,000, and 69,000 pounds, Primaax is approved for use in many vocational and heavy-haul applications. It is also available for use with lift axles and offers higher GCWRs than traditional air-ride suspensions.

For more information, contact Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems, Woodridge IL.

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