TG-KA units detect 0.01 parts per million

CEA Instruments Inc's TG-KA series of portable toxic gas detectors are direct- reading, compact instruments with digital display. They use patented gas membrane galvanic sensors available for formaldehyde, ozone, hydrogen chloride, phosgene, hydrogen fluoride, and phosphine. These sensors are unaffected by normal interfering gases and can detect as little as 0.01 parts per million. Adjustable audible and visual alarms can be set as low as 0.1 ppm.

The TG-KA is quick-responding, specific, and weighs less than one pound. Each unit is completely self-contained and comes with battery charger, AC power supply, carrying case, recorder output, and all other necessary accessories. The unit will operate for 30 hours between charges or continuously on AC power.

For further information, contact CEA, 16 Chestnut St, Emerson NJ 07630.

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