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TexCom Inc drills second disposal well to boost capacity

TexCom Inc, a Houston TX-based environmental services company for the oil and gas industry, announced that it has completed the drilling of a second disposal well at its MB Environmental Services waste disposal facility in Chambers County, Texas. The facility handles non-hazardous oilfield and petrochemical liquid wastes.

Completion of the second well adds 7,500 barrels per day to TexCom's permitted daily disposal capacity, a 50% increase over current levels. The combination of the increased disposal capacity and the expansion of receiving and processing facilities announced earlier will significantly impact offloading efficiency, resulting in time and cost savings for customers, according to Don Black, president of MB Environmental Services.

Lou Ross, TexCom chief executive officer adds: "Improving efficiency in offloading and disposing of our customers' Class II oilfield waste will provide benefits for both our customers and ourselves. The additional temporary storage capacity that will be derived from the expansion of receiving facilities will allow us to increase our speed and efficiency and reduce the turnaround time for our customers. At the same time, we will be positioning ourselves to grow revenues in step with the continuing growth in oil and gas drilling activity we are forecasting for our marketing area."

TexCom Inc is primarily focus on the disposal of nonhazardous wastes and production of biodiesel. Domestically, TexCom disposes of nonhazardous materials generated by oil and gas exploration and production and is expanding its interests in disposal of nonhazardous industrial wastewater, serving the refining and petrochemical industries.

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