Telogis expands agreement with NAVTEQ

Telogis Inc has expanded its agreement with NAVTEQ on a global scale. The agreement is the culmination of a six-year relationship between the two firms and will incorporate all products within NAVTEQ's global portfolio.

NAVTEQ content is now expanded across the Telogis platform including real-time traffic information from NAVTEQ Traffic, historical average traffic speeds via NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns, and truck-specific attributes from NAVTEQ Transport. The additional content enhances Telogis' turn-by-turn navigation, resource tracking, and route optimization for Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and logistics systems globally. As a result of this agreement, Telogis GeoBase is now available as a free SDK download for commercial use through NAVTEQ Network for Developers (NN4D).

Telogis' GPS-based fleet productivity and management platform, Telogis Fleet, uses NAVTEQ map data and content in North America and Europe. Telogis Fleet provides fleet management applications with the ability to integrate tracking, routing, and optimization functions with Enterprise back-office management. The Telogis GeoBase platform gives MRM and logistics companies a scalable, feature-rich engine that delivers core geospatial functionality in a user-friendly software interface.

To learn more about Telogis, visit or call toll-free at 866-835-6447.

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