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Tank washers reduce fluid consumption

Fury 180° Open Top tank washers from Chemdet Inc have a piston design that permits one-direction cleaning in sweeping or straightline wash patterns from 65° to 180°. This concentrates cleaning action on soiled areas of storage and process tanks, railcars, tank trailers, and other bulk containers. Fury models 400/OT and 600/OT force powerful jets of water, detergents, solvents, acids, caustics, or other cleaning fluids only where needed, cutting fluid consumption and wastewater volume.

These washers replace high-speed turbines and complex gear mechanisms with a low-speed piston design that harnesses cleaning fluid to drive and lubricate the unit. Greases and oil lubricants are eliminated, wear and maintenance are reduced, and operating life is extended. Engineered with 316 stainless steel, the washers mount rigidly within the tank or container to accommodate the striking force while maintaining wash pattern accuracy.

Model 400/OT operates at pressures ranging from 45 to 175 psi and at flow rates ranging from 10 to 80 gpm with a cleaning radius of 16 to 28 feet and a wetting radius from 23 to 41 feet. Model 600/OT operates at pressures ranging from 10 to 240 psi and flow rates from 17 to 186 gpm with a cleaning radius from 16 to 53 feet and a wetting radius from 29 to 66 feet. Both washers withstand operating temperatures up to 203° F and ambient temperatures up to 248° F. These washers may be customized.

For more information, contact Chemdet, 50 Sintsink Dr East, Port Washington NY 11050.

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