System stops flow in case of hose failure

A hose assembly protects companies and personnel by automatically shutting off flow in both directions the instant a hose failure takes place.

The Smart-Hose Safety System connects a coated cable within the hose bore to the valve plungers, wedges, or flappers at hose end points. Acting as a compression spring, this cable will hold valves open when conditions are normal. The instant thrust is eliminated due to coupling ejection, hose stretching, or hose separation, both valves seat themselves and stop all flow in either direction.

The cost of Smart-Hose technology is not much higher than the cost of conventional hose assemblies offering no automatic shut-off, says the company.

Smart-Hose Technologies has received United States Department of Transportation exemption for railcar unloading, tank car loading, and the governmental mandate requiring a passive device for loading and unloading compressed gas cargo tankers.

For more information or technical literature on Smart-Hose, access

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