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Superior Bulk Logistics sponsors Army's PaYS program

Superior Bulk Logistics, Oak Brook IL, is a corporate sponsor of the US Army's Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program, a personnel recruitment program that addresses the needs of young men and women who want free job training and assurance of a good civilian job after they leave the Army; companies who want high caliber employees already trained in a specific skill; and Army recruiters seeking additional enlistment incentives.

Superior Bulk Logistics' involvement in PaYS began when Bill Kennedy, Carry Transit vice-president of Operations, attended a truck driver recruiting event in Dayton OH. Through conversations with an Army representative in an adjacent booth, Kennedy learned about PaYS and how the Army trains tens of thousands of men and women in a wide range of industry skills, including truck driving, logistics management, and tank truck maintenance. Several months and many conversations later, Superior Bulk Logistics agreed to become a corporate sponsor.

Upon enlisting, a soldier signs a statement of understanding with a specific company that employs the skills he or she is interested in acquiring. The Army then trains the recruit in these skills, in some cases offering a licensing, certification or accreditation program that relates to the civilian job. Six months prior to leaving the Army, the PaYS soldier coordinates transition to civilian life through the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), and through the company he or she selected to work with upon enlistment. The result: soldiers land higher-paying civilian jobs than unskilled applicants, and employers gain professionally trained personnel, saving human resource recruitment dollars in the process.

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