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Super-40 tandem drive axle offers higher GCW ratings, 50% fewer components

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group has introduced a new version of its Dana Spicer Super-40 tandem drive axle. The new axle features increased GCW ratings for high horsepower, high torque engines, and a wide range of ratios.

Rated at 40,000 pounds gross axle weight, the Super-40 is built with Dana's high power density (HPD) design technology, wider face-width gearing, and high-capacity bearing systems, resulting in higher gross combination weight (GCW) ratings of up to 160,000 pounds. The axle was designed for maximum reliability and economy by eliminating more than 50% of components found in previous axles.

Additional Dana Spicer Super-40 features and benefits include:

  • Forged, heat-treated steel differential cases for maximum strength and greater resistance to shock load.

  • Sixteen large, fine-pitch M18 bolt ring gear mountings.

  • Integrated ring gear and wheel differential mounting systems that eliminate the need for bolted joints and improve reliability.

  • A patented precision differential bearing adjustment system for maximum bearing and gear life.

  • A patented integral power divider and carrier “power ribs” for added strength.

  • Interaxle driveline angles that reduce harmful vibrations.

  • A patented axle breather design permits unrestricted airflow.

Dana also offers options with the Super-40 axle that include:

  • With the growing use of wide base single tires, wide track axles to improve stability.

  • Driver-controlled wheel differential lock that maximizes traction.

  • A patented on-demand lube pump for optimal spinout protection and cooler operating temperatures.

The Super-40 drive axle is available in a range of ratios from 3.07 through 7.17. This axle was developed to perform with vehicles outfitted with future drivetrain ratings of up to 2,450 lb-ft of torque and 700 horsepower in on-highway applications.

For more information, contact Roadranger Marketing, Kalamazoo MI.

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