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Steer radial tire built for smoother wear

The new Bridgestone R287 steer radial tire offers irregular wear-fighting technology for smoother wear and lower cost per mile. Since many steer radials are removed early from service because of irregular wear, the R287 is built to deliver long tire life for long-distance fleets.

Irregular wear-fighting innovations used on R287 are the Side Groove feature, helping prevent edge and wavy wear and shoulder tearing. The inside of the groove is engineered to prevent stress cracking. A new footprint shape optimizes itself as it wears, while stress relief siping along the main ribs combats river wear.

The Equalizer Rib feature fights the initiation and spread of edge wear, including river and wavy wear, on the main ribs. All of these features are combined with a high-tech tread compound that is stiffer and engineered to fight severe scrubbing forces that occur during hard braking and cornering.

To extend tread life, engineers used a shallower 16/32 tread on R287. While it appears a contradiction in prolonging tire life, less tread depth produces less squirm and irregular wear. With a stiffer compound and shallower tread, R287 is built to deliver even wear and higher removal mileage.

R287 is wider, too and can be retreaded with a full-size drive recap. The casing incorporates four full steel belts with an all-steel casing ply, and is designed to minimize heat buildup for long life and retreadabilty.

For more information, contact BFNT, 535 Marriott Dr, PO Box 140990, Nashville TN 37214-0990.

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