Station Keeps MSDS Information Within Reach

Providing Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information for all employees in one central location, EMED's Right-to-Know Station has components that can be combined in various ways to fit a company's needs.

Easy-to-mount, plastic-coated steel racks come in two sizes. The single rack can hold one 2" or 3" binder. The double rack can store either two 2" or 3" binders, or one 2" and one 4" binder. Bright yellow binders hold and identify MSDS, which are required for each hazardous chemical in a workplace. Clear-plastic sheet protectors are included to safeguard this information against dirt and moisture. Each binder also comes with a 36" brass chain, which attaches to the rack to prevent loss. MSDS binders are available in three sizes. The 2" binder has a capacity of 400 sheets; the 3" binder, 600 sheets; and the 4" binder, 800 sheets.

For pricing and a free catalog, contact EMED, PO Box 369-FK, Buffalo NY 14240.

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