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Stamped steel end fittings cut weight

Liteflex LLC has added another weight-saving design to its line of composite springs. Stamped steel end fittings allow direct support of the spring for hybrid suspension designs. These new fittings are one-third the weight of the cast aluminum parts that they replace. The new designs also are more cost-effective than their predecessor.

Load-deflection testing has shown that Liteflex lightweight composite springs, a proprietary mixture of fiberglass and epoxy, are virtually identical to steel. A fatigue life nearly 10 times that of steel eliminates the sagging common with steel leaf springs over time. Virtually indestructible Liteflex lightweight composite springs provide life-of-vehicle service.

Suspension designs can include integral ball joints and other components that reduce extraneous component costs and the labor required to install them. For further details, e-mail [email protected].

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