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Special Alert: Hijacked rig in Mexico was carrying cyanide

A tractor-trailer rig hauling 100 55-gallon drums of cyanide reportedly was hijacked in Mexico on May 12, according to a special alert from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The hijacking was confirmed by authorities in Mexico and Texas.

Three unidentified gunmen hijacked the rig on Highway 85 north of Mexico City. There is no information at this time regarding the individuals who perpetrated the crime, their objectives, where the truck and cargo are, or where the cargo may be destined.

The FBI also has very little descriptive information on the tractor, trailer, and cargo. The tractor was described as a 2002 white Kenworth conventional displaying Mexico tag 980CS6.

FBI officials are asking truck drivers to keep a lookout for suspicious activity relating to the hijacked rig. Any information regarding the hijacking and the cyanide cargo should be reported to Special Agent Jim Woodie at the FBI office in Little Rock AR. The phone number is 501-228-8445.

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