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Soymet to distribute biofuels for engines

Soymet LLC, a biofuel distributor, is launching a new line of biodiesel fuels for the commercial fleet and off-road construction industries. The new line of products includes Soymet B100, B99, B20, B10, and B2 grades for diesel-powered engines.

All Soymet biofuels are produced from soybeans, and biodiesel fuels emit less harmful toxins into the atmosphere. The company is on track to distribute 60,000 gallons of renewable source biofuels per month and plans to distribute 3 million gallons per month by late 2006.

All Soymet biofuel products have zero petroleum toxins and lower emissions. Primary byproducts are carbon dioxide and water vapor. These biodiesel fuels burn cleanly and produce the same amount of energy as conventional diesel fuels.

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