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Solid brass padlocks part of Brooks line

E J Brooks Co has added a selection of precision-crafted solid brass, tumbler-pin padlocks to its line of security products. Brooks' corrosion-resistant padlocks are designed to withstand inclement weather and are provided with brass, stainless steel or heat-treated stainless steel shackles. In addition, the padlocks come in various shackle lengths and diameters. Locks can be keyed alike, keyed differently, master-keyed, or grand-master-keyed. Brooks' padlocks also can be keyed to most popular keyways. Locks can be numbered and stamped with company name or logo. Brooks' brass padlocks are suitable for securing trucks and trailers, gates, valves, meters, warehouses, cabinets, and enclosures.

Contact E J Brooks, 8 Microlab Rd, Livingston NJ 07039 for more information.

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