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Smart Scale weighs without using wires

TruckWeight Inc's Smart Scale is a wireless onboard weigh scale for trucks, tractors, and trailers with air suspensions. It uses sensors to measure temperature and pressure changes in a vehicle's air suspension and wirelessly relays this data to a handheld receiver using a low-power radio transmitter. The sensors produce an axle weight and gross vehicle weight measurement that's within 0.3% of actual gross vehicle weight.

Among Smart Scale's new features is an automated “rapid-response” mode that provides one weight measurement every three seconds during a 15-minute span when the sensors detect the vehicle is being loaded. During regular use, the system produces a new measurement once per minute.

Most truck operators can equip a typical tractor-trailer unit in the field in about 30 minutes. Smart Scale's waterproof, weatherproof, shock-resistant, and non-corrosive housing requires no regular maintenance; sensors use common AA batteries, which last eight to 12 months in regular use.

For more details, phone TruckWeight at 877-757-7888.

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