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SkyBitz unveils Smart Sensor Tracking

SkyBitz announces Smart Sensor Tracking that provides fleet managers with essential trailer and load arrival and departure information. SkyBitz developed this product to meet the specific requirements of Quality Distribution Inc.

The Smart Sensor Tracking system uses SkyBitz's patent-pending, motion-based Smart Sensor to optimize trailer utilization, improve reporting, and maximize security. Fleet managers can now see the date- and time-stamped location of a trailer from departure to arrival with the ability to automatically filter out non-essential starts and stops, such as traffic lights and fuel stops. The Smart Sensor triggers different reporting configurations and adapts to trailers' specific vibration patterns while moving or stopped.

By creating a virtual fence around customer locations, depots, or yards, the Smart Sensor Tracking system features SkyFencing, which sends e-mail alerts once a trailer has arrived or departed. The Smart Sensor extends the battery life of the mobile terminal up to eight years.

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