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SiriCOMM will offer FleetNav Express

SiriCOMM Inc has taken the first step toward an agreement with Maptuit in which SiriCOMM will offer FleetNav Express, Maptuit's online routing system for owner-operators and small fleets, over SiriCOMM's Wi-Fi network as a reseller.

This announcement reinforces SiriCOMM's strategy to market its network access to business partners that service the transportation industry. With a nationwide network of more than 260 hotspots, the ubiquity of SiriCOMM's network will aid in expanding the reach of the FleetNav Express web-based truck routing service to hundreds of thousands of drivers.

FleetNav Express will offer owner-operators and small fleets a powerful online and mobile phone system to create accurate directions and optimized fuel plans for single-point or multi-point routes on truck-designated roads. FleetNav Express will be made available later in 2005.

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