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Shell Rotella DFA Diesel Fuel Additive Prevents Gelling

The new Shell Rotella DFA all-season diesel fuel additive from Equilon Enterprises LLC keeps truck fuel injectors clean, prevents gelling, and improves cold starting. Rotella DFA has advanced additive technology designed for high-performance, fuel-efficient, low-emission diesel engines.

This product exceeds Cummins L-10 specifications for fuel-injector cleanliness. Rotella DFA also prevents fuel gelling down to -40° F, increases power, reduces black smoke and soot, lubricates the fuel-injection system and engines, disperses water, and increases fuel mileage. It also improves the cetane number of fuel by up to three points.

One 96-ounce bottle of Rotella DFA treats up to 300 gallons of fuel. Each 32-ounce bottle treats up to 100 gallons. Equilon recommends using the diesel additive every 10,000 miles during summer and in every tank during winter. For more details, contact Equilon, 1100 Louisiana, Houston TX 77002.

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