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Shell Donax TX for extended drain usage

Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Donax TX, a heavy duty, semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for use in Allison and other heavy-duty automatic transmissions. Shell Donax TX fluid offers a high performance optimized additive package that allows for extended drain intervals.

This product has a drain period of 100,000 miles in regular service. Field trials of equipment fitted with Allison heavy-duty automatic transmissions have shown a drain period of 50,000 miles in severe service to be appropriate. If operators wish to extend the drain period beyond 50,000 miles in severe service, used-oil analysis is required to determine the condition of the oil.

Shell Donax TX fluid does not have formal Allison TES-295 approval; however, the fluid is suitable for use and will not harm Allison transmissions. Further, Shell guarantees the performance of Shell Donax TX fluid when the lubricant has been recommended by Shell for a specific application, and the lubricant is selected and maintained in accordance with the conditions required by Shell and is used under normal operating conditions in mechanically sound equipment. If a Shell Donax TX lubricant failure is found to be directly responsible for equipment damage, Shell will repair the equipment.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

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