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Series 2423 handles free-flowing materials

The Series 2423 powder vacuum receiver from Premier Pneumatics Inc is designed to handle free-flowing granular, powder, regrind, and pelletized materials. It features a large filter area with automatic cleaning for fine powders. Each receiver has a stainless steel check valve to allow multiple receivers to draw material from a common conveying line. PVC compound is an example of a type of material that can be conveyed in the 2423 receiver.

Automatically cleaned with bursts of compressed air, the powder receiver's large filter cartridge contains 50 square feet of spunbond polyester media. The 2423 is available with carbon steel construction with epoxy coated interior and painted enamel on the exterior or with 304 stainless steel material contact. This receiver also has band clamps for quick body section separation, a 3" tangential inlet with stainless steel check valve, a 3" air control valve, and a 22"-diameter housing unit.

All Series receivers are offered with controls suitable for use with either a solid-state microprocessor controller or a programmable logic controller. Both control systems use 24-volt DC low voltage and come with installation kits.

Contact Premier Pneumatics, 606 N Front St, PO Box 17, Salina KS 67402-0017 for further details.

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