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Self-Weighing Trailer Scale weighs in

Air-Weigh debuted its newest on-board scale, the stand-alone Self-Weighing Trailer Scale, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville KY recently. It was included on more than 60 trailers at the show.

This scale has a keypad and LCD display screen, so an operator can weigh and calibrate even if the tractor is not equipped with a scale. It has pre-calibration menus available for most popular trailer suspensions. The operator can select the suspension model during set-up, and the scale immediately displays the actual on-the-ground weight to within 300 pounds of a DOT scale.

The scale is calibrated to specific characteristics of each trailer manufacturer and displays weight in 20-pound or kilogram increments. It is environmentally sealed and mounts on a frame rail or bracket The scale measures 6.5" × 3" × 1.7", and the entire system weighs less than three pounds.

Trailer scales automatically communicate trailer weights to an in-cab display if the tractor is equipped with an Air-Weigh scale to show axle weights, gross vehicle weight, and net payload. Up to seven trailer scales can operate on long combination vehicles like 19-axle heavy haulers or Australian road trains. Air-Weigh communicates through existing vehicle wiring, so additional trailer disconnect wires are not required. Weight receipt printers are optional. Data can be automatically downloaded to the vehicle's J-1708 data bus.

The Self-Weighing Trailer Scale can be installed in less than 15 minutes on late-model United States and Canadian trailers with a standard ABS wiring harness. It can be retrofitted to older trailers in less than 30 minutes. The scale mounts directly to the frame rail or is suspended from a lower siderail from optional mounting brackets.

For more information, contact Air-Weigh, PO Box 24308, 1730 Willow Creek Circle, Eugene OR 97402.

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