Security-enhancing products join Keller line

J J Keller & Associates Inc has added new tamper-evident security seals and other security products to its product line.

The Octolock plastic ball-type seal is made from foodgrade polypropylene and has a double-locking fastener. The medium-security All Seal can be used on bags, cabinet doors, or containers. The Post Grip Seal, originally designed for the British Royal Mail, features double-locking teeth that grip onto canvas, plastic, or cloth bags. None of these three seals require special cutting tools to remove.

The Pull-Tite Cable Seal offers a flexible fastener and fits tightly on any size latch. The Unolock Bolt Seal has a barrel encapsulated in clear brittle plastic to discourage theft, and requires 2,200 pounds of strength to disengage. The Tamper-Evident Tape Seal is a pressure-sensitive, label-like seal that shows immediate evidence of unauthorized entry to doors, cabinets, or equipment.

Other security devices added to Keller's product line can deter tractor-trailer theft. With the Parking Brake Truck Lock, once the plastic parking break covers are broken, the air brake valves are damaged, and the brakes cannot be released. The 18 Wheeler Club is a steering wheel lock with steel construction that resists sawing, prying, and hammering.

For more information, contact Keller, 3003 W Breezewood Lane, PO Box 368, Neenah WI 54957-0368.

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