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Second life of new truck key to spec'ing

THE KEY to successfully spec'ing a new truck to ensure optimal resale value is to consider how that truck might be used in its second life, says Tom Davis, Mack marketing manager for highway products.

“For example, a high mileage tractor will, most likely, run more regional or local routes after it is resold,” says Davis. “And this type of application involves more stop and go travel with more shifting, braking.”

As a result, he recommends a frame that can take the abuse of, say, a local bulk haul delivery or a dump trailer application.

Another recommendation is a higher torque-rated transmission. This allows the second owner to increase the HP of the engine without having to swap out transmissions.

Other recommendations include

  • A heavier duty clutch. This also supports the higher torque transmission and higher HP engine.

  • Synthetic lubes. They help extend the life of components.

  • If the company's first truck is a sleeper cab, consider purchasing one with a removable sleeper. Dealers can sell day cabs much faster than a sleeper.

  • Engine brakes bring higher resale value and help a truck resell faster.

  • Air ride suspension.

There are also items that will provide additional value to the resale of the vehicle that are looked for by used truck dealers, including aluminum wheels, aerodynamic fairings, less than 100,000 miles per year, engines 12-liter and above, rear tires with at least 9/32 tread, and no visible leaks — oil or air.

Additional value can come from no body damage and absolutely no broken glass. The vehicle should be able to pass Department of Transportation inspection, especially brakes and slack adjusters. While operating the vehicle, the owner should follow a strict maintenance schedule with a log.

“Most importantly, remember that cleanliness is above style and content,” says Davis. “Use floor mats and seat covers to keep a fresh looking interior.”

He advises those who are looking for a clean, well-maintained used truck to consider looking for one turned in from a leasing company. Typically, they follow strict maintenance schedules and are never late on a preventive maintenance appointment.

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