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Scale prompts driver during truck weighing

An above-ground truck scale with a new controller that automatically takes the driver through every step of the weighing process is being introduced by Alliance Scale Inc.

The Alliance Truck Scale features a modular Survivor EZ Steel Deck from Rice Lake and its ATS-2 unattended scale controller, which prompts the driver through every step of the weighing process. Incorporating up to 12 load cells, this scale permits the setting of parameters for load weight validation and employs iQUBE self-diagnostics. These continuously monitor all load cells and compensate for poor load distribution and faulty cells.

Providing a 2-65 deflection factor, the Alliance Truck Scale is constructed with 3/16" plate, supported by 12"-high beams, and offered in lengths from 10 to 117 feet by 10 to 14 feet wide. The ATS-2 controller automates all operations, including weighing, invoicing, and account management. All electronics and load cells are modular for easy integration.

Literature and quotations are available upon request. For more information, e-mail Raymond A Secour Jr at [email protected].

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