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Safety Bumps enable safe handling

Safety Pumping Systems (SPS) announces the release of the Safety Bump product line. Safety Bumps replace cam-and-groove caps and plugs, providing a comfortable handle for the driver's hand and a “bump” that extends beyond the hose fittings and ears, preventing them from being damaged.

Safety Bump reduces the chances for injury to the driver's hands and enables safer handling of transport hoses. The financial benefits are that Safety Bumps significantly extend the life of transport hoses by protecting the expensive hose fittings as the hoses are dropped and dragged on the ground. By significantly reducing hose repair and replacement costs, Safety Bumps quickly pay for themselves.

Patent-pending Safety Bumps are available in three inch and four inch cam-and-groove in both male and female models. Female models are equipped with SPS's patent-pending T-lock, which eliminates the traditional split ring and allows closure without injuring a driver's hands.

Hazardous material Safety Bumps are made from a glass-filled composite with an anti-static additive for use with a wide range of hazardous products. Female units are equipped with gaskets made of fluorocarbon elasomers for use with alcohol-blended fuels. Foodgrade models are manufactured using a foodgrade-certified composite with female units having gaskets made of silicon elasomers.

E-mail Dale Sheets at [email protected] for full information.

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