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Safe-Gard rupture disc earns UD stamp

Pressure management specialist Elfab has expanded its range of ASME VIII-approved bursting discs with the addition of the Safe-Gard forward-acting rupture disc.

With a proven record protecting liquid, gas, and vapor services in Europe, Safe-Gard is the latest bursting disc from Elfab to successfully undergo the testing required to be granted capacity certification and authorization to apply the UD mark. With this certification, the Safe-Gard is now available across North America and Canada, where the UD stamp is a mandatory requirement.

Safe-Gard is an advanced, forward-acting burst disc, radially scored on the vent side to ensure safety. The non-fragmenting design withstands full vacuum and is especially suited for relief valve isolation in liquid and gas applications. The Safe-Gard comes standard in 316 stainless steel (Iconel, Monel, and nickel also available), providing the versatility and simplicity of a conventional metal disc with the performance benefits of scored disc technology. The disc is also ASME-approved for use with integral Flo-Tel, Elfab's non-invasive magnetic rupture disc detection system.

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