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Safe drivers keys to reducing risks

Safe and experienced drivers are essential for efficient risk management by milk transporters, according to information presented at the International Milk Haulers Association annual convention April 24-26 in Nashville TN.

"Defensive driving has to be practiced all the time," said Scott Wichmann of DFA/Haylor LLC.

Even in good weather and on safe highways, accidents continue to occur. And, he pointed out, although an automobile is 70 times more likely to be at fault in a car/truck collision, a driver violation (such as an inaccurate log book) uncovered at the scene can end with the carrier being held liable.

"You cannot operate a fleet without good credible drivers," said James Henderson of HELPE inc.

He emphasized the importance of thorough background checks and intensive interviews for driver applicants. Proof should be readily available for their experience, safety records, and customer service attitude.

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