Ryder launches alternative fuels website

Ryder System Inc has launched a new alternative fuels website at www.ryder.com/alternativefuels to help users and fleet owners better understand how they can reduce transportation costs, while meeting sustainability objectives.

With a few clicks, businesses can get all the information they need about the financial, environmental, and long-term advantages of natural gas, hybrid, and electric vehicle technologies. In addition to explaining the various fleet technologies, the site provides one-stop access to the latest news on Ryder alternative fuel products, programs, and initiatives.

As the cost of diesel fuel continues to rise and fluctuate, businesses are looking for more affordable and predictable price solutions. Alternative fuel technologies, such as natural gas, electric, and hybrid vehicle options, can deliver this kind of cost advantage, while helping companies reduce vehicle-generated emissions. Regardless of fleet size or delivery application, Ryder can help businesses determine the best alternative fuel solutions to meet their needs. Businesses looking to get started can now visit www.ryder.com/alternativefuels to begin evaluating Ryder's offerings and to initiate contact with an alternative fuels expert.

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