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RVA offers automated shutoff of angle valves

Midland Mfg Co has upgraded its remote valve actuator (RVA) to provide fast, automated emergency shutoff of angle valves for applications where very hazardous chemicals are handled (eg, chlorine or ethylene oxide). This device complies with Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 57 (Edition 3) and can be connected to warning devices driven by a leak detector, motion sensor, or temperature sensor.

The RVA motor is compressed air- or nitrogen-operated, constructed of stainless steel or Monel, and will work on both Midland and ACF Chlorine 1" and 2" angle valves. A complete system including manifolds and operating pressure regulators is provided. It can be designed to open and close a valve automatically, or simply to close the valve automatically.

Also offered is an optional emergency pneumatic reservoir, which can be mounted near the actuators themselves. In case of low pneumatic operating pressure, the system can be set up to close angle valves using gas in the emergency reservoir. Typically, the pneumatic reservoir will hold enough air to close the valves three times, which is required to provide a fail-safe “valve closed” position in an emergency.

For more information, contact Midland, 7733 Gross Point Rd, Skokie IL 60077.

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