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Rupture disk burst sensor can be reused

The BA Series, a rupture disk burst sensor that operates at low pressures and works in conjunction with rupture disks or relief valves, is provided by Zook. This sensor is actuated when one end of its 316 stainless steel conductor is pulled from a retaining slot. After actuation, plant personnel reinsert the conductor into the slot, allowing the sensor to be used again.

This sensor is compatible with the Zook ZM2 alarm monitor or virtually any DCS system. It operates at pressures as low as 1 psi and temperatures up to 700°F. Sizes range from 1" to 24".

Easy to install, the BA Series requires minimal flange face-to-face clearance and fits into existing pipe systems.

Other components of the BA Series include non-asbestos gaskets, a 316 stainless steel identification tag, and a moisture- and abrasion-resistant connector with a two-pin bullet terminal.

Options include the LD Leak Detector, a TFE membrane that fits between the rupture disk and the sensor and can detect leakage in the disk or valve. For more information, contact Zook, PO Box 419, Chagrin Falls OH 44022.

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