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RUL-245 Bantamweight suspension series provides 12,000-lb-capacity axle selection

Ridewell Corp announces new axle assemblies for use with its RUL-245 Bantamweight auxiliary lift axle suspension series for vocational truck and trailer applications.

The rating of the base axle is limited to 12,000 pounds (bearing capacity) and features:

  • Reduced weight

  • Faster lift response

  • Wheel end equipment common with the RLT-230

  • Improved ground clearance due to brake chamber configuration

  • ABS hole supplied (less ABS bushing)

  • Track, dependent on H&D and wheel configuration, of about 80"

  • Single tire application

  • Beam centers as narrow as 26" while retaining the 12,000-lb rating

  • Hub- or stud-piloted: 10-hole, 11.25" BC

  • Straight and 6" drop-center versions

  • Axle matrix: weights include axle, brakes, and hub/drum assembly except for Part #1640037 and #1640038, which include only the brake package

The Bantamweight RUL-245 Series offers lightweight, compact units designed for limited-space chassis mountings. The low-maintenance series offers high axle travel, easy installation, and eccentric bolt alignment on both sides. At a 13,000-lb capacity, trailer and I-beam truck-mount versions are also provided. For more information, contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

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