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RSPA Proposes Hazmat Wastes Manifest Revision

The Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) is requesting comments on a hazardous wastes shipping paper regulation proposal. The revision would require paper copies of transportation manifests that are prepared electronically, according to information published in the Federal Register August 8.

The revisions would parallel changes proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Comments should be submitted by October 4, 2001.

A uniform manifest that is prepared and transmitted electronically from the generator to the transporter, the disposal facility, and the monitoring governmental agencies can provide all the information necessary to track the shipment, but does not make the nature and hazards of the wastes available to emergency responders in the event of an accident, according to the RSPA proposal.

The proposal calls for the shipping paper to be either a print-out of the electronic manifest, or a separate shipping paper that meets all of the hazmat requirements. The copy also should indicate that an electronic manifest is being used. The signature of the generator on the electronic manifest, as printed out on a physical copy, will satisfy the signature requirement.

Comments on the proposal should be submitted to RSPA at Dockets Management System, Department of Transportation, Room PL 401, 400 Seventh St SW, Washington, DC 20590-0001. The docket number must be listed at the beginning of the comments: RSPA- 01-10292 (HM-206E). Comment submission and review of other comments can be accessed at

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