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RSPA proposal addresses hazmat exemptions

The Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) is proposing to amend the hazardous material regulations (49 CFR, Parts 171, 173, 174, 176, 177) to identify commonly used exemptions with an established history of safety, according to information published December 4 in the Federal Register. The proposed changes will eliminate the need for current holders to reapply for extension of these exemptions every two years.

Among the changes are regulations applying to mechanical displacement meter provers. These devices, permanently mounted on a truck or trailer, consist of a piping system used to calibrate accuracy and performance of meters measuring quantity of product pumped or transferred at facilities such as drilling locations, refineries, tank farms, and loading racks.

Exemptions provide relief from both bulk and non-bulk specification packaging requirements for mechanical displacement meter provers that are either truck- or trailer-mounted. Hazardous materials provided for are in Class 3 and Division 2.1. Exemptions affected are DOT-E 8278, 9004, 9048, 9162, 9287, 9305, 9352, 10228, 10596, 10765, 12047, and 12808.

The proposal also addresses exemptions that provide relief from segregation requirements in Section 177.848, which prohibit storage, loading, and transportation of (1) cyanides, cyanide mixtures or solutions with acids; and (2) Division 4.2 materials with Class 8 liquids, on the same transport vehicle. Exemptions affected are DOT-E 9723, 9769, 10441, 10933, 11153, and 11294.

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