Roadranger changes gear lube spec

ROADRANGER Field Marketing has issued a new specification for lubricants used in Fuller transmissions and Dana Spicer axles. The new spec calls for significant performance improvements in order to qualify for extended warranty coverage and 500,000-mile initial drain approvals. The new guidelines, which focus primarily on improvement of low and high temperature operation and protection against gear wear, will also result in better performance for all Roadranger drivetrain systems.

The new transmission specification (PS164 REV7), which was introduced to the lubricants industry in November 2004, has an approval deadline of April 1, 2006. The deadline for the new axle lube specification (SHAES 256 REV C) is April 1, 2007.

“Commercial vehicles have advanced in recent years, specifically in the areas of engine horsepower, torque, gross combination weight, and road speed,” said Richard Muth, manager of lubricants for Roadranger. “Recognizing these changes and others, we determined that there was a real need to raise the bar in terms of providing enhanced transmission and axle protection. The new specifications will also go a long way in continuing to provide all of our customers with the consistent, reliable performance that they have come to expect from our entire lineup of drivetrain systems.”

Muth added that lubricants would need to demonstrate qualifying performance criteria in a variety of areas, including:

  • High and low temperature operation.

  • Gear scoring resistance, elastomer compatibility, sheer stability, thermal stability, and oxidative stability.

  • Kinematic viscosity, pour points, and foaming tendency.

  • Storage durability and compatibility with other lubricants and water.

To verify qualifying performance and to gain Roadranger approvals, lubricant suppliers must conduct a series of bench and lab tests, as well as 100,000-mile, 50-unit field tests across a variety of transmission types.

Muth added that Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants have been specifically designed to meet and exceed the new specifications. Manufactured by Cognis Corporation with high-quality synthetic base stock and high-performance additives, Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants are marketed worldwide, and also available for all makes and models of medium- and heavy-duty trucks sold in North America.

Additional Roadranger Synthetic Lubricant features and benefits include:

  • Wax-free synthetic base stocks and high-film strengths better protect components from friction and wear.

  • Best protection in severe applications, such as wet environments, high loads, and extremely cold ambient temperatures.

  • Resistant to oxidation and boil-off at high operating and peak drivetrain temperatures.

  • Advanced seal conditioning base additives help maintain and extend the life of seals.

  • Non-corrosive to copper and other yellow metals common in contemporary drivetrain systems.

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