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Rhino, HIT create BattleJacket for tankers

Rhino Linings USA Inc has joined forces with High Impact Technologies (HIT) in creating a new protective lining for United States military forces.

BattleJacket is a self-sealing skin on fuel tankers that reduces the threat of insurgent attacks by using an engineered multilayer technology. This proprietary technology allows penetration of a bullet or other ballistic projectile (exact details are restricted), and after penetration, a complete seal is formed around the puncture. The vehicle is left fully functional with no leaks, preventing possible fuel loss, vehicle explosion, or loss of troop lives.

Rhino and HIT developed BattleJacket by combining Rhino's Rexar polyurethane with patented ingredients. BattleJacket works as a second skin to almost any fuel tank, and it provides protection in most climates. Other commercial and industrial uses for BattleJacket include protection of railcars, above-ground fuel storage facilities, pipelines, and boat fuel tanks.

E-mail Arika Anderson at [email protected] for further details.

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