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Rand McNally supplies in-dash version of IntelliRoute TND 710 GPS system

Rand McNally is providing a custom in-dash version of the IntelliRoute TND 710 truck-specific GPS system.

In addition to providing Rand McNally's navigation for commercial vehicles, the International Truck version of Rand McNally's GPS unit includes several customized screens as well as a listing of International Truck dealers and locations.

The truck-specific navigation and other business tools provided in the IntelliRoute TND GPS unit helps drivers save time by tracking hours of service and miles by state for tax reporting that previously had been calculated manually, and provides a safe routing experience based upon vehicle size and contents.

Pana-Pacific, an established preferred integrator and engineering partner in the commercial vehicle market, collaborated with Navistar to integrate the IntelliRoute TND into select International Truck vehicles, providing a seamless factory install as well as an aftermarket installation kit for vehicles already in the field.

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