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Rand McNally enhances software

Rand McNally has introduced significant additions to its IntelliRoute and MileMaker commercial trucking systems to help carriers and shippers save time and money. These enhancements will provide more flexibility and customization in freight rating and truck routing, more specific routing in Mexico, and the most up-to-date US ZIP and Canadian postal codes, weigh stations, and toll costs.

With its new IntelliRoute Dock2Dock software, Rand McNally is now the only provider of street-level routing in Mexico. Carriers and shippers can now route on city and inter-neighborhood streets throughout North America.

Carriers and shippers can now use IntelliRoute and MileMaker software to customize routing options for trailers 48 feet or less in length across all of Rand McNally's standard routing methodologies: HHG, Practical, Dock2Dock, and Lowest Cost. As a result, customers can negotiate freight rates based on accurate, truck-drivable routes tailored to individual truck configuration or type of goods carried.

The December 1, 2008 toll rate increases in New Jersey are just one example of more than 918,000 updates Rand McNally is releasing to keep all customers current on data that will affect their routes. These changes include updated and new toll roads and costs; new US ZIP and Canadian postal codes; new ferries and costs; as well as information about weigh stations, rest areas, service plazas, and welcome centers.

Visit or call (800) 234-4069 for more information or a free trial.

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