Radial tires designed for trucks, trailers

Toyo Tires has developed two new low-profile, high-mileage radial tires for trucks and trailers. The new M-143 has been designed for local-haul commercial trucks and dually pickups modified with upgraded wheels. This all-position, all-steel radial offers wide-belt construction. Its counterpart, the M-1430, has similar construction and is designed for low-platform, high-load, high-cube trailers.

Both tires employ Toyo's New Generation Design, coupled with DSOC II (Dynamic Situation Optimized Contact) computer technology. Combined with a Belt-Defender compound, the design increases durability and casing life by fighting heat and stress. High-tensile Open Cord Construction maximizes bonding between the rubber and steel belts. Five deep longitudinal ribs provide a zigzag tread pattern for efficient stone ejection.

Sizes for the M-143 include 215/75R17.5, 245/70R19.5, 265/70R19.5, and 285/70R19.5. The M-1430 initially is available in a 215/75R17.5 size. For more details, contact Toyo, PO Box 1145, Cypress CA 90630.

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