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Radial builds on strengths of predecessor

Yokohama Tire Corp is introducing a new linehaul all-position radial tire, the Yokohama RY617. This tire shares much in common with its predecessor, the RY083A, including the five-rib tread design and casing configuration.

Upgrades for the RY617 include the integration of thousands of additional sipes for water evacuation, wet traction, and uniform wear. A wavy-groove wall design provides strengthened rib stiffness and combats uneven wear. A stress wear control groove reduces contact pressure at the tread edge, providing increased resistance to shoulder step-down wear. These changes add up to a modest but notable improvement in cost per mile.

Further enhancing tread life and cost efficiency, the RY617 has a slightly decreased tread depth that increases tread stiffness, thus minimizing uneven wear while reducing overall tire weight. The RY617 comes in the same sizes as its predecessor: 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, 285/75R24.5, and 11R24.5 — all with a 14-ply rating.

The RY617 is supported by Yokohama's limited casing warranty and a four-year, two-retread limited warranty. For full details, contact Yokohama, 601 S Acacia Ave, Fullerton CA 92831.

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