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Quality Carriers signs deal with TREAD-1

Quality Distribution Inc's primary transportation subsidiary, Quality Carriers Inc, has signed a two-year agreement with Instructional Technologies Inc (ITI) to provide TREAD-1 Driver Training to its entire fleet of 3,150 drivers.

ITI has begun shipping new e-MAC computers, modified to run only TREAD-1, to 121 Quality Carrier terminals across the United States and Canada. The computers are provided at no charge to ITI clients. According to Dr Richard “Dick” W Carr, vice-president of safety and security for Quality, all drivers will begin TREAD-1 training within the next month.

In January, ITI shipped new TREAD-1 e-MACs to 53 terminals of private carrier Mohawk Industries, and in March will be outfitting 36 terminals of private carrier Shaw Industries.

Quality Carriers expects to have every driver take at least 8 lessons per year for ongoing training and will additionally assign specific lessons to a driver after any incident, whether an accident or a violation. It will also provide TREAD-1 as part of the orientation program for new drivers.

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