qualcomm.comQualcomm improvements aid private fleets

Qualcomm Inc has enhanced its fleet management systems for private fleet customers, with new releases of its FleetAdvisor and TrackingAdvisor software systems and an upgrade of its MPVc in-vehicle computer hardware.

The new version of the FleetAdvisor includes:

  • Automatic exception management reporting for improved fleet management, driver performance, and time efficiency. The exception monitoring function allows dispatchers to receive automatic reports to determine if trucks have stopped, are off-schedule or are operating outside of normal performance criteria.

  • A Web-based architecture that allows dispatchers to provide dynamic re-rerouting, route editing, dispatch messaging, and order entry changes via a web browser.

  • Support for SQL 2000, Microsoft's latest database version.

Private fleet drivers may access data via FleetAdvisor applications on the MVPc in-vehicle computer, which has been upgraded to improve LCD screen readability while in the cab.

The new version of TrackingAdvisor mapping software includes an improved mapping engine for better reliability and now also supports split server configurations. Tracking Advisor software also includes maps for Canada.

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