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qualcomm.comFleetAdvisor ready for action

Qualcomm Inc announced the commercial launch of FleetAdvisor, which has been successfully converted to the Windows CE platform. FleetAdvisor is a transportation logistics management system consisting of on-board computing, vehicle tracking, integrated back-office software, and real-time wireless communications. With FleetAdvisor, Qualcomm offers applications demanded by private fleets, including paperless driver logs, accurate state mileage reporting, and improved route management.

FleetAdvisor consists of the MVPc in-vehicle computer, OmniTRACS or OmniExpress mobile communications system, on-board software, and host-based software. It runs on the MVPc in-vehicle computer using the Windows CE operating system. When combined with OmniTRACS or OmniExpress, it lets private fleets automate, integrate, and improve business processes by relaying information real-time through Qualcomm.

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