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QSI Employees Win Tank Cleaner Awards Kujawa, Flores Honored with Plaque, Cash Prize

TWO EMPLOYEES of Quala Systems Inc (QSI) were named tank cleaners of the year for 1998. John Kujawa of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Enrique Flores of Southgate, California, were selected from among 200 tank cleaners employed by the company.

Each of QSI's six regions nominated one cleaner who exemplified the role of a professional tank cleaner, says Jay Langness, QSI president. The typical traits included concern for the customer, focus on quality, willingness to train others and work at other facilities, contribution to more than just tank cleaning duties, and being a leader to co-workers. The final criteria for selection came down to zero rejections and accidents, no worker compensation, and contribution to more than one facility.

"John Kujawa has run the rack in the absence of the manager, done billing at home, updated files on his computer, and come in on weekends to winterize the rack," said Langness. "He is well spoken, polite, and respected by our customers for his professionalism and his ability to provide solutions to their problems.

"Enrique Flores is the safest, most productive cleaner on the West Coast. He has sacrificed time at home to work at the Hayward rack when they have been shorthanded. He sets the quality standard for Southgate, which is one of our busiest facilities."

The men will both receive a cash award, a plaque honoring their selection as Tank Cleaner of the Year,and will have their pictures included on the QSI display used at various trade shows around the country, including the National Tank Truck Carriers show held recently in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other regional nominees included Ildebrando Cruz of Newark, New Jersey; Tom Blues of Midland, Michigan; Dwayne Teamer of Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Thomas Sanders of Houston, Texas.

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