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PTDI streamlines certification process

The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) recently streamlined its certification process to help carriers and schools obtain national recognition that their programs meet these standards. Highlights of the streamlined process are:

  • Independent oversight of entry-level training programs

    PTDI offers ongoing oversight of a school's training program and support to those applying for certification.

  • Changes in eligibility requirements

    Schools no longer need to wait for their program to have been in existence for one year before applying. Now PTDI will help build a truck-driver training program from the start.

  • Payment fee schedule

    PTDI revamped the payment schedule to make it easier on school budgets. To ease the burden on such a budget, certification fees will be due annually rather than in a lump sum payment.

  • Updated PTDI products

    Train the Trainer and instructor's guides and student workbooks, videos and CDs, and truck decals are available to help develop, implement, and market a program.

  • Variance option

    Schools can apply for a variance if their program should differ from a particular standard in that it goes beyond the PTDI requirements or offers a more innovative approach.

  • Certification transfer

    If a school with a PTDI certification changes ownership and notifies the institute, it may be granted a transfer of the certification. The new ownership must demonstrate continued compliance with the standards.

  • Inactive status

    If a school is temporarily not offering its PTDI-certified course and promptly notifies PTDI, the school may be granted an inactive status for up to one year.

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